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Expensive van insurance quotes are an overhead we can all do without in today’s competitive and margin-slimming days.

While cost control is sometimes more of an art than an exact science, simply going for the cheapest van insurance quote you receive isn ’t always the best course of action. Nor is it likely to be the best value for money.

However, knowing which factors influence van insurance companies in calculating their quotes will help you gain a better understanding of the issues involved.

Industry sector The price quoted by a van insurance company will depend on your line of business. Inevitably, some types of company will find van insurance more expensive than others. Courier firms, for example, with high volume deliveries and a high annual mileage will naturally receive a quote that reflects this risk, whereas a sole trader like a plumber with one van whose customers are in a small geographic area will pay much less.
Van insurance for non-commercial usage will be cheaper again.

Territory Some companies restrict cover to clients based on the UK mainland only. Taking a van to the continent requires additional insurance cover to be in place.

Drivers Age and experience counts for a lot when calculating van insurance quotes. Drivers should, for optimum premium price reasons, be restricted to an age range of 25 – 70 and be holders of full driving licences that are both current and clean. Their insurance claim or loss record will have to be confirmed.

Vehicles Vans should not be modified or used for any purpose for which they are not intended. If you own three or more vans you may be able to access a substantial discount by opting for fleet insurance. If in doubt, ask - some companies consider three vans a fleet while others look for five.
Vehicle market value, too, comes under scrutiny. Some policies have upper limits on market values, so be sure to check this point.

Usage The load to be carried by your van and the delivery destination also play a major part in fixing the price that will be quoted by a van insurance company. Stationery, for example, is relatively benign and therefore low risk. Bottles of LPG and other hazardous goods, by comparison, attract a much heavier weighting because of the greater risk they pose to the vehicle, driver and other people. Not only that, the type of location you deliver to can enter the equation. Nuclear power stations, military bases, explosives factories etc. are the kind of delivery address van insurers are not overly thrilled about.

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