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Savings accounts are available from a range of different organisations, including banks, building societies and even supermarkets. Each company offers different benefits and reasons to invest, it is therefore the customers decision to decide which account best suits their needs. Some may offer competitive interest rates whilst others offer bonuses or free gifts. For example, if an investor prefers a more personal organisation, where they can speak to an advisor or pay money in over the counter, a bank or building society may be more suitable than an online savings account.

Within these organisations there are also many different types of savings accounts to choose from. These include Instant Access/No Notice, Notice, Mini and Maxi Cash ISAs, Child Savings Accounts and Online Accounts. The following summarises each savings account individually.

Firstly, an Instant Access/ No notice account enables the customer to invest as much money as possible, with the peace of mind that they could have immediate access to their savings should they require and without penalty. The disadvantages are that the interest rates tend to be lower than other savings accounts and with the ability to withdraw funds easily it is harder to save. This account should therefore be considered more short term.

Secondly, a Notice Account usually offers a reasonable rate of interest which increases in cohesion to the amount saved. This account is generally considered to be used for long term investing, as the funds cannot be immediately accessed. Some organisations require up to 90 days notice to withdraw funds without penalty. This is beneficial for customers who want to save for the future, for example retirement or child education, as the account can remain untouched.

Mini and Maxi Cash Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) are available to anyone who is a British Citizen over the age of 16. They involve investing cash, stocks and shares or a mixture of both of up to £3000 per year. The interest rate is usually higher than regular savings accounts and is tax free. The account is also instantly accessible and can therefore be used for long or short term investing.

All parents think about their child’s future and may therefore choose to open a Child Savings Account. This account usually carries a long term notice period to withdraw funds and therefore ensures the investment continues to grow. The benefit of a Child Savings Account is that it usually offers a better rate of interest than an adult savings account.

Online accounting is fast becoming the most popular and effective way to bank. Online Savings Accounts usually offer a higher rate of interest than high street organisations, this is simply because their overheads are cheaper. All aspects of banking can be carried out online, reducing time spent in branch queues or on the telephone.


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