Equity Red Star


Beginning life as a Lloyds syndicate in 1946 under the name Equity Motor Policies, Equity Red Star became increasingly successful and evolved into what is now the UK’s sixth largest motor insurance provider and the insurer of one in three motorbikes on the UK’s roads. Equity Red Star is far from a regular private car insurer, indeed they offer insurance policies for just about any type of vehicle solely through the use of insurance brokers.

Equity Red Star’s wide range of policies makes it easy for the broker to pick out the most relevant policy for your needs. There are policies for private cars, classic cars, motor trade vehicles, taxis, agricultural vehicles and many more as well. By offering a wide range of insurance products covering specific criteria Equity Red Star are ensuring that they can offer you the best possible price on a motor insurance policy – if you insure your cheap little runabout you will not be paying more than you should because there were several claims on priceless classic cars in the previous year. A separate policy type for each vehicle type ensures that the low prices are maintained.

It is highly recommended that you research the conditions of any insurance policy before agreeing to take the policy out. You can easily download specific product information from the Equity Red Star website where you will be able to see clearly how the protection operates.

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