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Over the past decades there has been a massive explosion in credit card use in the UK .

The popularity of plastic is being driven by a number of factors, among them the phenomenal growth in online shopping and almost universal acceptance of the credit card as a form of payment.

This explosion in credit card use has been equally matched by a mind boggling assortment of rebadged credit cards being marketed as ‘own brand’ cards by supermarkets, charities, department stores, football clubs and just about every other organisation and business you can dream of.

As a consequence, competition for your business is fierce. Cashback, benefits, points; it’s a blizzard of offers, features and APRs that makes accurately weighing up one card over another extremely difficult. No matter where we turn, we’re daily bombarded by slick newspaper and magazine advertising, and even slicker tv commercials. Little wonder, then, that some credit card holders evidently give up trying to make heads or tails of the financial sleights of hand and choose their card on some other basis. Like the music used in the telly ad, or the nice bright colours on the card.

For many of us, the temptation and convenience of a credit card is overwhelming. Used sensibly, credit cards are a handy way to juggle our finances. The risk is in mistaking a credit card for a cost effective way to finance long term debt.

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