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Professional Indemnity

If you work as a professional and provide advice and information as part of your
daily work, you will almost certainly need professional indemnity insurance.
While this type of insurance policy is not legally required, it is definitely a
good thing to have. While you will provide information in good faith, there is
always the possibility that someone will be disappointed in your work. They may
try to sue you for damages if they believe you have wrongly advised them or
given them incorrect information. 

The insurance can also be extremely useful in businesses that provides services
to other people. Again, if someone believes the service has been sub-standard
they have the right to take things further. If you were to find yourself facing
a court case would you feel better knowing you had professional indemnity
insurance to back you up? No doubt you would, especially as you can take out a
policy that provides a significant amount of cover for legal costs. 

While it might seem like a good idea to save money each month by not having this
insurance, it could backfire in a huge way. Even one case against you could lead
to an expensive payout, and without insurance in place you would have to meet
all the costs involved. Even if you were found innocent there would still be
costs involved – costs that your policy will be able to meet. 

It is usually wise to get a policy that provides millions of pounds’ worth of
cover, since the cost can spiral by a shocking amount once a case gets underway.
Having this insurance protects your business but it also protects your life.
Without it you could lose everything and no one wants to see their life’s work
disappear in one hit from an incident like this.

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