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For while no-one likes to pay more than they have to, businesses need to know they have the right type of business policy. In particular, a company insurance policy must contain a suitable level of protection against all reasonably foreseeable eventualities.

Because no two companies are identical, the world of business insurance can often appear complex and daunting.

Whether you’re searching for a small business insurance quote or indeed any type of business insurance, you ’ve come to the right place. For Q4 Insure has a quotation service for it all: from public liability insurance to commercial property insurance, and everything else in between. So why go anywhere else when you can get all your business insurance quotes in one place?

Our quotation process is straightforward and fast. Your business insurance can be operational in hours, and, often, without lengthy form-filling and endless phone calls. What ’s more, most businesses will find they can save money by shopping with Q4 Insure.

Explore our diverse pages to source a full range of insurance products that embrace liability insurance, goods in transit insurance, motor trade insurance, hotel insurance, pub insurance, office insurance, shop insurance, surgery insurance, tradesman insurance, professional indemnity insurance and commercial property. In fact, if there ’s a business risk you can’t cover, we want to hear about it!

Across all the different types of business insurance available in the UK, there are two main strands. Firstly, there is insurance to cover risks associated with interactions with the public, for example, injury to people and damage to property. The second theme is insurance cover to protect against events over which you have no control and which directly impinge on a company ’s ability to operate. This includes such insurable events as fire, storm damage, water tanks bursting, break-ins, and computer networks suffering catastrophic failure.

Broadly speaking, if you can think of a scenario that would cause your business problems then there ’s an insurance product available to meet it.

Business insurance policies also tend to be either combined or individual products. Combined business insurance products roll up a number of issues into one handy package. For example, public and product liability, employers liability, business interruptions, contents, money etc. By contrast, standalone products are available to meet specific threats such as goods in transit.

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