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If there is one thing motorcyclists agree on, it’s that motorcycle insurance quotes vary wildly in price depending on which company you ask.

Making sense of it all can seem an uphill struggle, but what are the factors that influence the price quoted by motorcycle insurance companies?

After age and experience, which we will return to later, the next dominant aspect affects all riders: security. Motorbike theft is rife, and after some big losses recently motorcycle insurance companies have hiked up prices to recoup their multi-million pound pay-outs.

Invariably, the thefts have occurred from outside the owner’s home, so garaging your motorcycle, especially if you live in a high risk area, will cut the price quoted. Another insurance quote-reducing tactic is to fit a Thatcham-approved security system. A combined alarm/immobiliser will set you back between £270 - £400. Thatcham is the body recognised by insurance companies to oversee vehicle security standards and over the past years have been testing and approving a number of motorcycle security systems. According to the organisation, “If you install a Thatcham approved system to your motorcycle you can expect to receive a premium discount from most insurers. ”

They point out, however, that motorcycle thieves walk bikes down to a waiting van and rarely, if ever, start them to ride away. It ’s recommended by Thatcham that any motorcycle security system should incorporate an alarm in order to detect motion.

Age and experience, as mentioned, are crucial in assessing your risk to an insurance company. While building up a No Claims history, it will be infinitely cheaper riding motorcycles with smaller engine capacities.

It’s also possible to make further in-roads into your quote price if you notch up a limited mileage. Motorcyclists who ride less than 5000 miles per year will receive an extra discounts from some insurers.

While you cannot in real terms affect your age or experience, you can avoid adding to your burden by restricting who is covered to ride your bike. Sticking to named drivers rather than all drivers will help curb quote prices. One exception to this rule would be where all the named rider are young and inexperienced.

Finally, consider the level of excess you pay. By electing to pay more than the standard excess, the quote will be reduced. Just be sure that you really can afford what you volunteer to pay as an excess - or you may be left languishing with a bike that ’s off the road for several weeks while you save up!

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